Legal notice

Legal notice

This site is graciously put at your disposal (this does not include internet connection tariffs) for your personal use, under reserve of complying with the conditions defined hereunder.

General information

The website provides information on the SADE Group.
It is published by SADE – General Conpany of Hydraulic Works:

  • Public company
  • Capital of 24,071,310 € 
  • Paris RCS (Business and Corporations Register) number 562 077 503
  • Headquarters: 23-25, av. Docteur Lannelongue - CS 51450 - 75685 Paris Cedex 16, France
  • Telephone: + 33 (0) 1 53 75 99 11

The publications manager is Frédérique GAUDIBERT-MAILLARD

The site is hosted by LINKBYNET:

  • SAS (Limited Joint Stock Company)
  • Capital of 373 000 €
  • Bobigny RCS (Business and Corporations Register) number 430359927
  • Headquarters: Parc du Colombier, 14 rue Jules Saulnier, 93 200 Saint Denis, France
  • Telephone: + 33 (0) 1 48 13 00 00

Responsibility limitations and warranty disclaimer

As a user of the website, you acknowledge that you possess the capacity and the means necessary to the access and the use of this website.

The SADE Group puts everything into place to ensure that the information displayed on the website is accurate and up-to-date, and reserves itself the right to modify its content at any moment without needing to issue any prior notice. However, the SADE Group does not issue any guarantee nor does it assume any responsibility, in any case, concerning the adequacy, the sequence, the correctness, the absence of error, the veracity, the topicality, the loyal and commercial characteristics, the quality, the validity, and the accessibility of the information displayed on the website. Every user fully assumes the risks linked to the trust he grants to this information. Faulty or incomplete information could eventually be noticed, especially errors related to typography or page layout. In case you may notice an error, you are invited to inform us, in which case we will proceed to the appropriate corrections.
It is also reminded that secrecy is not guaranteed concerning messages on the network, and it is of each user’s responsibility to take the appropriate measures to protect his personal data and/or softwares from any eventual contamination by internet viruses. 

Intellectual property rights

The elements composing this website (hereinafter referred to as “the Content”), created for its own behalf by the SADE Group, are protected by the French legislation for copyrights, trademarks rights, industrial design rights, for unfair competition, and more generally for intellectual property. The content notable includes the architecture, the graphic charter, as well as the whole of the information and elements available on the website (texts, articles, photos, illustrations, images, brands, logos, video …)
This content belongs to the SADE Group.
Any reproduction, representation, distribution and/or use of this content is forbidden, be it by any means, under any form and for any purpose, unless under prior explicit and written authorization by SADE.
Any person which does not respect the legal provisions in force becomes guilty of counterfeit infraction and is liable to statutory criminal sanctions.

Respect of Privacy – Personal data collection and use

As a user of the website, you are compelled to respect statutory legislations, especially the law’s dispositions concerning computing, files and liberties, whose violation renders you subject to criminal sanctions.
You are notable required to abstain from any gathering, any misuse, especially of the personal identification information to which you are granted access, and more generally, from any action likely to harm the privacy, the sensibility, the good image, the notoriety of any individuals or corporate body, and especially of the SADE Group, by avoiding any offensive, provoking, malevolent, degrading, or threatening mention, message or text in whichever context. 

Personal data

In order to fulfil your needs and during your utilization of the website, SADE can eventually be led to collecting personal data concerning you, processed by informational methods (some informations indicated with a star are non compulsory).

It is of your responsibility to make sure that the information that you give through this website is accurate and complete. For the monitoring of your application, we are expecting for you to inform us immediately of any change in the requested information.

The website is not purposed to receive from you any confidential information. Therefore, at the exception of personal data described earlier, any information of any form – document, data, chart, question, suggestion, design, remark, or other – that you will communicate on the website will not, in any case, be considered as confidential. Consequently, the only communication you make will give us the right to use, to reproduce, to distribute, to modify and to communicate this information in order to process your request.

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