In recent years, regulatory frameworks have been developed to combat corruption, money laundering, the financing of terrorism, anti-trust practices, and environmental, human rights and privacy violations. SADE Group has already fully embraced these initiatives. Today he is still more committed to preserving his values, ethics and reputation.

The context

In France, the recent Sapin II Law has increased companies’ obligations in such matters: it requires companies of a certain size to set up a system to prevent and detect acts of corruption and influence peddling.

In this strengthened framework, the SADE Group is reaffirming its commitment to act and carry out all its activities as a responsible actor, in accordance with the values and principles of its parent company, the Veolia Group.

Our anticorruption code of conduct

The first step of this commitment is an attached Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct, reference document on the prevention of corruption:

  • it sets out the fundamental principles and values to which all SADE Group entities are committed,
  • it lists the acts that should not be committed.

Its scope of application

The purpose of this Code is to guide the officers and employees of the SADE Group in their everyday decisions and actions so that they comply with ethics and the applicable legislation.

The Code applies in all countries where the SADE Group operates and to all its managers and employees, regardless of their hierarchical level.

All managers and employees of the SADE Group must also en-

sure that third parties with whom the Group has a business relationship (suppliers, customers, partners, etc.) are aware of the Code and apply its provisions, or at least equivalent provisions.




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