Spotlight on renovating the Cap Sicié collector: saison 4

Spotlight on renovating the Cap Sicié collector: saison 4

SADE has been awarded a 20-year public service concession agreement by Toulon Provence Méditerranée (TPM) for the Cap Sicié collector serving the Amphitria wastewater treatment plant of the Toulon Metropolitan Area). Until 2018, SADE will be renovating the sewer.

This contract includes an important part for the rehabilitation of the outfall, in particular by installing GRP liners designed and made to measure by Hobas.

The work will be undertaken in 4 phases over the first 4 years without any interruption of service:

- securing and setting up the site, installing lifts and the laying down rails and duckboards;

- demolishing the coatings and grouting with bentonite-cement slurry.

Since , the teams of the Special Works Division and Marseille Regional Division have been working day and night on the installation of the liners, starting from the Puits des Gabrielles and gradually moving out toward the ends of the gallery.

2,800 liners had been installed by , forming a second skin for the collector.

In , the rehabilitation of the Cap Sicié collector came into its last stage : applying an anti-H2S coating on the side strips and the lock walls of the cunette.

Start of operation : .

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