Our solutions for the patrimonial management of water networks

Our solutions for the patrimonial management of water networks

In the framework of the recent Assises de l’Eau Water Summit, the French government decided to rally public and private stakeholders to re-launch regional investments to reduce water leaks and improve network management, while ensuring high-quality water supply.  

SADE is offering a new service, CANASCAN®, which fully corresponds with this approach to the patrimonial management of water networks.

The SADE solution: CANASCAN®

CANASCAN® enables: 

  • improved knowledge of the condition of networks,
  • an estimation of their life expectancy forecast,
  • digital mapping of the condition of the networks.

CANASCAN® makes it easier to: 

  • provide a patrimonial management strategy with reliable and relevant data,
  • prioritise and optimise pipeline renewal or replacement operations.
CANASCAN® in 3 steps
An exclusive service
  • Turnkey solution
  • Simple and fast to implement
  • Cost-saving collection
  • Optimal patrimonial information on the cast-iron and steel water supply networks

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2019 Public Works Awards - Canascan®, winner in the Technical and Research Category