Smart networks: the SADE's new offer

Smart networks: the SADE's new offer

On constant watch for technological developments affecting its business activities, and with its policy of permanent innovation and continual customer service improvements, SADE is today developing smart networks offer.

Applying information technology to networks to make them ‘smarter’ and therefore easier to manage is a significant step forward for the environment. By 2010 it could reduce the world’s CO2 emissions by 15%, or the equivalent of all the USA’s emissions. Water, electricity and other networks are involved. SADE is totally committed to this approach.

Sm@rtSADE for a smart network

Sm@rtSADE is an integrated offer for interpreting and monitoring the drinking water system. It shall be part of a project to analyze and improve the knowledge of thenetwork and its performance.

Up to date technologies are used including:

  • measurement, assistance and interpretation tools for a better knowledge of the water system and its operation;
  • investigative tools to improve network performance
    and monitor the water quality;
  • a unique monitoring system to visualize, interpret and control.

The Sm@rtSADE offer is intended for everyone who manage a water system.

SADE: a full-function service provider in the field of remote meter reading

SADE offers a comprehensive range of remote water meter index reading services using radio modules.  By making the network ‘smart’, this technique optimises both it and the fleet of installed meters.   

From design to management, including installation, training and maintenance, SADE controls all stages of remote water meter reading.
This innovative technology may be bidirectional or unidirectional: either the meter receives and transmits data, or it only transmits. Whichever system is used, data exchange is carried out either through a fixed network or via mobile terminals.

There are many advantages to remote meter reading:

  • quick periodic reading of all meters, even when the users are absent,
  • reduction of disputes concerning water consumption and conservation of water resources (leakage detection and fault alarm),
  • remote monitoring of difficult-to-access meters,
  • improved meter fleet management,
  • network efficiency measuring in continuous mode, compliance with the French SRU (Solidarity and Urban Renewal ) Act,
  • easier sanitary monitoring of the network (water backflows, pollutions),
  • facility to apply differentiated billing rates, system extension possible for measuring and transferring data such as pressure, temperature, acoustic leak detection or physicochemical parameters.

Remote water meter reading is of interest to any private and public organisation operating drinking water networks.

Download the data sheet Remote metering Simiane Collongue

Warning and monitoring stations

Warning and monitoring stations are located on rivers upstream of drinking water treatment plants to continuously monitor changes in the quality of the resource. They detect the risk of pollution, for both raw water and  wastewater through continuously  physicochemical analyzes.

SADE provides design, construction and maintenance of warning and monitoring stations.
Its services include:

  • the draft,
  • the construction of the water intake in the river,
  • the execution of civil works and VRD,
  • all equipments (equipment room, networks, analyzers, automation, monitoring systems),
  • the commissioning of the station,
  • the training of the operator,
  • the maintenance of the installation.

With the construction of warning and monitoring stations, SADE fits into a sustainable development policy.



Smart Networks

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