SADE fully assumes its economic, commercial, social, corporate and environmental responsibilities in France and overseas. All preoccupations linked to these responsibilities are deeply rooted in its corporate project. They result in areas of improvement that favour the enrichment of a profitable and sustainable development model that is respectful of clients, employees and suppliers.

A message from Patrick LELEU

Having been at SADE for a few months now, I have discovered a Group that boasts a fine entrepreneurial spirit, widely recognised technical capabilities, and great sense of pride in belonging to such an organisation.

My strategy for SADE Group can be put very simply.

Along with the Management Board, I have taken the decision to build our strategy around three points of action, all of which bear testimony to my confidence in the Group’s potential: we must become stronger, we must grow and we must broaden our horizons.

SADE must become stronger, ensuring the quality and results of our operations by applying the organisational standards which we already endorse, but which must be placed much more at the service of our field staff. The company must also demonstrate even more empathy towards customers, taking their issues and concerns on board to the full and making them our own.

SADE will grow:

• in France by taking advantage of the upturn in public works and our positioning in promising markets such as telecommunications and the nuclear sector where we can utilise our full range of skills;

• internationally, by capitalising on our sound geographic bases and on well-established and reliable prospects for the future;

• and as it takes on worksites of increasing technical complexity, SADE will exploit its design and engineering potential to the full.

And lastly, SADE must broaden its horizons. We must constantly adapt to a changing world and anticipate what our customers will want next. We must also enable our women and men to take full advantage of this new digital age where information is shared instantly.

These are the reasons why I have decided that striving for performance will be the unifying theme of SADE Group. All our (operational and business support) teams, our engineering and our capacity for innovation will be driven by this performance.

You can see that I have great ambitions for our Group. They are based on a conviction that not only do we have the ability to propel ourselves into the future, but also that we will play a vital role. The SADE brand, with its strong and original know-how and soft skills, is well equipped to be highly successful in these times of very rapid change that we are currently witnessing.



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