Tailored solutions, the perfect answers to our clients’ requirements

Tailored solutions, the perfect answers to our clients’ requirements

At SADE, proposing bespoke solutions means being able to combine the facility to listen to the client, proven technical expertise, the ability to constantly adapt to the layouts of the most complex worksite and to implement high-performance processes and equipment. Above all, it also means placing the client’s satisfaction at the heart of its approach.

SADE, in partnership with its municipal, private and industrial clients

Because it considers its customer relations over the long term SADE positions itself as a true partner of its clients. It meets two day-to-day challenges: adjusting accurately and appropriately to their requirements yet still providing a strong consultancy element.

Using the mobility and responsiveness of its personnel, SADE adapts its human and material resources to the worksite phasing and the stipulated deadlines: re-organisation of teams, night work, interventions on working sites etc.

Using its integrated Design Office, SADE takes a detailed and overcome look at every project in order to foresee and surmount the difficulties that occur during each operation. It can propose technical alternatives or design specific equipment in conjunction with its Equipment Department and its manufacturers.

It relies on a continually innovative approach, spurred on by the dynamic and determined enthusiasm of its Technical Department.

SADE Engineering

Engineering department of SADE Group, SADE Engineering offers to local public and private clients expert solutions for the design, construction and rehabilitation of water networks, water treatment plants and hydraulic civil engineering works.



Tailor-made high-performance equipment

SADE relies locally on fleets of equipment tailor-made for its activities and regularly upgraded to deal with the constraints of the sites where it is operating. Suitably trained and accredited for handling this equipment, SADE’s teams are constantly aware of the company’s strict requirements in terms of safety.

SADE’s determined commitment to sustainable development and its policy of continuous progress enable it to offer in many fields alternative innovative solutions based on proprietary technologies.

SADE’s equipment fleets are permanently:

  • adapted for the technical and quantitative requirements;
  • shared;
  • under preventive and corrective maintenance programmes;
  • compliant with regulations and the company’s stringent safety requirements.

Responsible for supervising all SADE’s fleets of equipment, the Central Equipment Department relies locally on the fleet managers and their teams and on a specifically developed CMMS programme (Computer-Aided Maintenance Management System).

Innovative solutions  

Innovation has always been part of the corporate culture of SADE, who is constantly developing solutions that are adapted for:

  • the work teams’ technical needs;
  • the requirements of sustainable development;
  • a high level of protection for its personnel.

That is why SADE:

  • has developed equipment such as: Alligator, Extractor, Recyclor and even the mini suction excavator;
  • equips its shovels, mini-excavators and other machines with sophisticated safety systems that exceed regulatory requirements;
  • tests biolubricants with low environmental impact.

SADE is also able to design tailor-made items of equipment for specific requirements.



Works in industrial sites

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