SADE partners with a Hyperloop project in France!

SADE partners with a Hyperloop project in France!

What is Hyperloop?

A Hyperloop moves capsules through an air tube supported by piles. The capsules can reach the speed of aeroplanes (1,200 km/h) thanks to magnetic propulsion systems..

What is the project?

On 22 January 2019 at 6:30 pm, SADE signed a partnership agreement with Canadian start-up TransPod, creators of one of the most advanced hyperloop systems in the world. EDF and Arcelor Mittal also signed this agreement for a project to design a new test track in Droux, near Limoges.
Construction of the test track began in 2019. High-speed tests will begin in 2020. The results of the programme will culminate in the construction of an operational prototype of the TransPod vehicle, the new “hyperloop” vacuum train, to be assembled in Limoges.

What is SADE’s role?

SADE teams, specifically the SADE Ingénierie (Sing) teams, helped draft the specifications, positioning SADE as a technical partner for exterior infrastructure (outside the capsule), design, and construction.


  • Mechanical sizing of the steel tube with a diameter of 2,000 mm, taking into account all external and external stresses on the tube: wind, snow, seasonal temperature variations, negative internal pressure, thermal and dynamic effects linked to the moving capsules

  • Sizing of supporting devices for the concrete or steel tubes for the latest elevated structures (dimensions, spacing, settlements, etc.)
  • Verification of tube expansion and the intended expansion joints
  • Production of plans and sizing studiest in BIM mode using calculation software on the finished components and 3D models of the struct.



  • Completion of the entire project related to the design in 3 phases of 1 km each: 1 linear km - 1 slightly curved km - 1 km with a y-shaped switch

SADE and Transpod

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