Energy, the world’s resources

Energy, the world’s resources

Totally committed to sustainable development, SADE is fully involved in the energy sector. Backed by its core networks business, its long experience and specialised, diversified technological expertise, SADE aims to optimise the world’s sources of natural energy, thus encouraging a new form of energy consumption that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Electricity and gas


Qualified to work on low, medium and high voltage electricity networks, SADE personnel can offer a range of solutions, including:

  • underground or overhead network extension and renewal,
  • network removal,
  • network troubleshooting,
  • public lighting (towns, roads, motorways, buildings, monuments, tourist spots, stadiums, festive lights, etc)
  • installation of transformer substations,
  • laying and removing electricity poles,
  • subscriber connections,
  • installing new generation ERDF meters (Linky),
  • industrial installations (switchboards, networks, etc),
  • construction of high-tension power lines.




SADE personnel are qualified to work on extending and renovating HDPE low and medium pressure gas supply networks and also subscriber connections.

Wind farms

SADE has been specialising in wind farms since 2007, based on the historic expertise of the Regional Division of Rouen which has many installations in this sector and has been followed by all the company’s other Regional Divisions.

Known mainly for its civil engineering activities (excavating and installing concrete foundations), SADE also provides turnkey solutions for all wind farm infrastructures: roads and utilities (access and platforms), civil engineering, electrical and optical fibre networks.

In its additional OEM role, SADE locates partners, coordinates and directs the works, and employs the necessary resources to meet clients’ requirements.

In 2011, SADE was involved in the construction of about thirty French wind farm infrastructures

Geothermal energy and thermodynamic networks

With a view to achieving sustainable development and renewable energy consumption, the energy contained under the ground and in the sea is a resource for both heating and cooling. This is known as geothermal energy.

On land, SADE and especially its Drilling Division is undertaking 2 vertical borehole operations (one for pumping and one for discharge) to recover and transform heat calories into energy (heating, air-conditioning) through an exchanger.

At sea, SADE is constructing thermodynamic networks (or seawater loops). By installing exchangers and heat pumps, the heat calories are extracted from the sea then transferred in to a loop circuit to supply those buildings connected to the network.

Whether carrying-out drilling, installing networks or working in a marine environment, SADE’s recognised expertise is at the service of this market sector of tomorrow.

Solar power plants

The annual amount of solar energy received by the surface of the Earth represents 10,000 times the world’s energy consumption. It is one of the most abundant renewable resources.
For this reason, within the framework of sustainable development and especially the development of renewable energies, solar farms or solar power plants represent a major step forward.
In addition to their energy production capabilities, solar farms are also a means of ecologically enhancing the value of land that is unused or suitable for redevelopment.
Solar farms generally consist of hundreds or even thousands of solar panels installed on the ground and laid out in series, with ancillary operating facilities.
SADE has positioned itself as a complete service provider for the installation in France of solar power stations on the ground or on large industrial roofs.
Among the services offered are roofing, installing supports and panels, electrical connections to the ERDF network, monitoring, remote surveillance, civil engineering work on the ancillary facilities and maintenance.

Heating and cooling systems

France currently has some 330 kilometres of heating and cooling systems: 2.15 million household equivalents connected. The Grenelle II Act set a goal of 6 million household equivalents to be connected by the year 2020.

For local authorities and industrial businesses, SADE provides a complete service package: installation of pipes and sub-station equipment, and boiler rooms for hot, overheated or steamwater or air-conditioning systems.

SADE employs full-time qualified teams whose expertise is regularly updated, especially for welding technology. They have the experience and know-how for underground operations on sewer and ducting networks.

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