Services : a sense of service and client satisfaction

Services : a sense of service and client satisfaction

Creating value nowadays means possessing and successfully implementing high-performance techniques. And it’s the ability to listen to the clients’ requirements, the design and installation of solutions, preventive maintenance, the turnkey provision of good results and assistance with decision-making. By offering all these different services, SADE always stays customer-oriented.

SADE Services

SADE Services offers a wide catalog of services relating to interior and exterior installations of buildings and housing: drinking water, wastewater, repairs, telecommunications and specific networks (fire prevention, irrigation, electricity). Customers of SADE services are all owners, residents or managers of collective or individual, residential, industrial or commercial, public or private buildings. 

SADE Services offers a wide range of advantages including the simplicity of a single point of contact and its professional teams to handle different customer issues. 

SADE Services also provides high reactivity with its local teams operating 365 days a year.

SADE Services commits to provide availability, responsiveness, quality, advice and dialogue to its customers.

Water meter fleet management

Working for many years alongside Veolia Eau Banlieue de Paris and its Technical Department, the Water Meters Division has successfully implemented meter fleet management procedures which significantly improve their efficiency.

Its DRIRE-approved laboratory is equipped with 13 test benches for regularly checking water meters and carries out measurements to define meter accuracy at a given flow rate, in compliance with the French regulations in force.

Remote meter reading

The Water Meters Division is also specialised in associated radio technologies for implementing remote meter reading systems.

It was recently commissioned by Veolia Eau to install a CORONIS technology fixed radio network covering 3,880 water meters in the town of La Crau in the Var. This fixed network is used to read in real time all the meter indices and data, and to offer the provision of services to the subscribers (consumption monitoring, leak alarm, excess usage).

Services for internal networks

SADE installs, checks and maintains all hydraulic equipment:

It installs and maintains water management systems:

  • water blocks,
  • solenoid control valves,
  • regulators,
  • pressure stabilisers and reducing valves,
  • flapgates, valves and air valves, etc.

The Divisions of Lyon and Metz, and the Water Meters Division made these backflow preventer devices one of their speciality sectors. These entities are positioning themselves in this market as complete service providers offering design studies, installation, checking, upgrading to comply with standards and regulations, and maintenance. The Regional Divisions of Lyon has become recognised as a major supplier of anti-pollution systems: its qualified personnel are involved every year in many thousands of installations.


SADE is able to carry out large scale maintenance operations on installations, networks and related facilities.

EDF awarded SADE Telecom a maintenance contract covering the IT and telecoms networks of some of its hydro-electricity production sites. At Rouen, the Grande-Paroisse company renewed its service provision agreement with the Regional Divisions of Normandy for its fertiliser and ammonia production plants: this contract includes an agreement for emergency intervention on strategic underground ducts.

Pneumatic waste collection

The ever-increasing production of domestic waste is causing all sorts of nuisances (odours, poor hygiene, garbage collection traffic problems).

To alleviate these difficulties, SADE provides pneumatic waste collection systems in areas of high population density: the waste, minus bulky items and glass, is deposited at street collection points connected to underground pipes. Once these are full, a pneumatic suction system conveys the waste to a collection terminal consisting of sealed containers.

As an ecological alternative to the traditional garbage collection method, pneumatic waste collection brings reduced impact on the environment, selective waste sorting and is easier on the eyes and ears of residents.

SADE has already been involved in an installation serving 4,400 households in the cities of Romainville (Seine-Saint-Denis), Issy-Les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine) and Batignolles district (Paris).

Depollution and environmental remediation

Environmental remediation deals with the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental media such as soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water. SADE offers strong expertise in this field, testified with several important references. Our team of experts manages this type of project from the array of regulatory requirements up to the complete achievement of site clean up.

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