Specialised networks

Specialised networks

Backed up by its experience in the field of water and sewerage networks, SADE has naturally extended its know-how to all other networks, thus developing its ability to adapt to ever more complex parameters.

Specialised networks, a natural diversification

SADE is able to meet the very special requirements of its public, industrial and private clients: fire-fighting systems, spraying and irrigation systems, hydro-electric power station supply networks and even snowmakers. From design study to the execution of site works, SADE’s integration of all the constraints of a project serves to solve the problems: working on active sites, geographical circumstances requiring non-standard resources, etc.

Fire-fighting systems

Fire fighting is a major worry for industrial businesses.

SADE provides a complete range of services in this field.

From bringing systems into compliance with standards and regulations to the installation of fire extinguishing water retention basins, from the construction of industrial water booster systems for supplying water under pressure to the installation of networks, SADE employs its extensive expertise in these areas of water technology to ensure the necessary protection of industrial sites.

Sprinkler and irrigation systems

With today’s environmental challenges, water conservation is becoming increasingly important. More than just a natural resource, water represents a reflection of society’s development.

Whether for watering or irrigating land, SADE’s objective when constructing these systems is to ensure a safe water supply while improving the resource’s management.

After studying the ground (sandy, stony, etc.) and the site’s various constraints, SADE will propose the most suitable solution to achieve closely-monitored water consumption.


As a real energy source, water contributes to the production of electricity by hydro-electric power stations.

On sloping ground, the installation of penstocks allows the use of water as a source of energy by creating a powerful head of water to drive the power station’s turbines below.
For this field of activity, SADE employs its acknowledged expertise acquired in the drinking water sector, while adapting its techniques to handle the logistical, topographical and climatic difficulties often found with this type of project.
From site preparation to pipe laying, and with strict workforce management (training, safety, etc.), SADE successfully faces these special challenges.

Snow cannons

On winter sports sites, the use of snow cannons ensures that ski resorts stay in business. Whether at the start or the end of the season, or in the event of a rise in temperature, these machines guarantee sufficient snow on the slopes.

SADE ensures that this equipment is supplied with water. On fairly pronounced slopes, it installs pipes for the recovery of water from hillside dams and its conveyance to the ski areas.

SADE employs the necessary solutions for this type of steep terrain project: supplying by helicopter and using suitable equipment (straddle excavators, etc.) or setting-up base camps fitted-out for its site workers. Every resource is used to satisfactorily complete these projects.

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