The Fukushima accident (11 March 2011) in Japan had extensive repercussions within EDF. Further to the studies carried out jointly with the French Nuclear Safety Authority, a major nuclear facility reinforcement programme was undertaken, in which SADE is playing an extensive role. It is also taking part in the so-called Grand Carénage operations aimed at extending the lifespan of the nuclear power plants to 40 or 50 years.

The SADE-EDF partnership goes back further, however, with the Group’s first operations in nuclear plants dating back to 1977.

Recent and Current Projects A dedicated organisation
  • Rerouting of networks and civil engineering work for the construction of the Diesel Backup Plant buildings (Paluel and Penly)   
  • Construction of area protection systems (Flamanville, Fessenheim, Saint Alban, Saint Laurent, Penly and Chooz)  
  • Construction of bunkers (Belleville, Saint Alban, Cattenom and Nogent-sur-Seine)   
  • Construction of a turntable (Flamanville EPR)   
  • Maintenance des ouvrages de génie civil et d’injection (Flamanville, Paluel, Penly et Nogent)   
  • Maintenance of civil engineering and injection structures (Flamanville, Paluel, Penly and Nogent)
  • Separation of storm water and boiler water (Cattenom)   
  • Construction of 22 backup boreholes (Belleville, Saint-Alban, Saint-Laurent des-Eaux, Cruas, Nogent-sur-Seine, Tricastin, Bugey, Chooz).

Thanks to SADE Group’s know-how and regional coverage, it is working today for all the French nuclear power plants: there is always a SADE entity near the nuclear plants.  

To respond more effectively to client expectations and coordinate operations, SADE created a national reference entity in 2014: the Nuclear Activity Division (DAN).

Today, over twenty SADE entities work in nuclear power plants with specifically-trained, committed, accountable teams.


Post-Fukushima Work and Equipment

After the accident, the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) asked EDF to conduct additional safety assessments. These are organized in three phases:  

  • phase 1, through to 2017: installation of provisional backup resources on the different EDF nuclear sites, notably including the installation of several diesel engines to make up for any loss of electricity supply;
  • phase 2, between 2015 and 2020: addition of supplementary water and electricity resources, in particular to provide an effective response to any accidents implying damage to parts in the reactor core of the power plants;  
  • phase 3: extension of the existing safety systems (back-up cooling systems of steam generators and the bunker, etc.)



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