Water metering + Offer

Water metering + Offer

Water metering highlights a threefold challenge: regulatory compliance, revenues from billing and a trustworthy relationship with customers.

SADE Water Meter Division is accredited by COFRAC for liquid flow metering and by the DIRECCTE (Governmental Agency) for periodic verification of water meters and benefits from a long time proven expertise; reliable and sustainable in management and optimization of water meters fleets.

Regulatory obligations - France

With respect to the French Decree of 6 March 2007, any holder of a fleet of water meters is required to check their compliance. The so called Grenelle 2 laws (August 3, 2009 and July 12, 2010) now require any Community to measure the performance of its water system. If the efficiency is lower than 85% in urban areas or 80% in rural areas, it must indicate, to the State representative before December 31st, 2013, the measures taken to achieve this level of performance.



The challenges for the Community

- To increase the overall performance of the water network by 3 to 7% by optimizing the metering
- To rapidly improve the revenues from the water utility
- To ensure a fair metering for the water utility customers



The Water Metering + Offer

SADE offer includes:

  • A performant measurement of your meter parks by a calibration laboratory accredited COFRAC
  • The definition of a targeted program for exchanging counters at a constant budget
  • The guarantee of a regulatory compliance for your park
  • A significantly increase of your revenue
  • An answer to the requirements of Grenelle II law enrolling in your action plan
  • Fairness for users



The benefits of the Water metering + Offer 

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