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April 2016


SADE will be undertaking construction work for wastewater treatment and stormwater drainage facilities in the city ofMore...

Bouygues Télécom has entrusted SADE Télécom with its fibre optics connection, deployment of fibre optics, and More...

April 2016


Consorico Constructor M2 Lima has entrusted SADE with diverting its drinking water network and wastewater treatment system to remove them from area covered by the E18-E19 and PV19 stations of Lima's line 2 underground rail system.

April 2016


On behalf of the Porte du Hainaut Urban Authority, SADE will be developing a rest area for travellers in the municipality of Raismes: construction of buildings, road and utilities connections (work packages 1 and 2).

April 2016


Artois Comm has selected SADE for the creation of an inter-municipal wastewater treatment plant in Rebreuve- Ranchicourt.

April 2016


SADE will be carrying out drainage works in the context of the development of Route de Berck and Allées des Chardonnerets and des Fauvettes, on behalf of the municipality of Fort-Mahon Plage.

April 2016


The municipality of Lantenay has entrusted SADE with the upgrading of a 225 PE, reed filter bed wastewater treatment plant.

April 2016


SADE will be building a 520 PE, reed filter bed type wastewater treatment plant, upgrading the 1,100 m2 tertiary filter, and demolishing the existing plant in the village of Luxemont, on behalf of the Perthois-Bocage et Der Inter-Municipal Authority.

April 2016


The municipality of Haudiomont has selected SADE for the construction of a mixed-filtration wastewater treatment plant, combining a lagoon and a reed filter bed for 205 inhabitants as part of retrofitting work for the wastewater collection system.

April 2016


The Metz Regional Division (Commercial Development and Expertise Unit) will be building a reed filter bed wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 300 PE, on behalf of the municipality of Osne-le-Va, as part of the creation of a public wastewater collection system for the municipality.

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