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May 2014


CONJONXION (Telecom Department) has just received its first order from world N°1 nuclear power company WESTINGHOUSE. The work will be carried out at the Le Bugey nuclear power station and will consist in installing fibre optics from the control room to the courtyard of the fuel building. The work is being done as part of the preventive cleaning of steam generators.

May 2014


A consortium headed by the Rennes Regional Division has won the contract from Nantes Metropolitan Area to construct a drinking water network in steel, cast iron and HDPE over 3,000 m, along with a 1200mm to 1600mm FRP wastewater collection system with a length of 1,500 m.

May 2014


SNA will be contributing to the reconstruction of the 925 l/s "Ilette" wastewater lifting station on the seafront in Antibes – Juan-Les-Pins. This station will receive more than half of the effluent of the town of Antibes.

The Plaine Commune Urban Authority has selected the Paris Regional Division for the construction of a 1600mm FRP wastewater collection system over a distance of 400m in Epinay-sur-Seine.

May 2014


On behalf of the Toulon Provence Méditerranée Metropolitan Area, the Special Works Division and the Marseille Regional Division have been awarded the public service outsourcing contract for the rehabilitation of the sewage effluent outfall gallery between Lagoubran and Amphitria.

May 2014


The Seille Aval Wastewater Treatment Syndicate has selected the Metz Regional Division for the construction of a wastewater network in 200mm cast iron and stoneware over a distance of 3,300m, as well as 40 connections and 4 backflow stations. The material extracted will be treated with lime.

May 2014


The City of Clermont-Ferrand has awarded the Poitiers Regional Division the contract for its 2014 and 2017 programmes to build new drinking water and wastewater connections.

May 2014


SADE MAGYARORSZAG will be constructing a 13-km heating network on behalf of FOTAV in Budapest.

May 2014


SADE Bulgaria has been awarded a contract to build the City of Kneja’s drinking water supply network. This will involve installing 460m for the main network, 5,240m for the secondary network, and 2,781m for the connections.

May 2014


The Lyon Regional Division has been selected by the Tournugeois Water Syndicate in the framework of an open-ended contract for its programmes to extend and renovate the drinking water network between 2014 and 2016.

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