Simultaneous construction of 2 water towers



As part of the project to bolster the city of Abidjan’s drinking water supply, SADE worked simultaneously over a 19-month period to build “twin” water towers, 3m from each other, 50m high and with a 40m circumference (tank).

Simultaneous construction of 2 water towers

These two facilities weigh some 1,000 tonnes (steel) and contain 10,000m³ of concrete.

Their construction requires a specific SADE technique, already proven for the construction of water towers in Djibi and N’dotre: advanced 3D design, construction of multi-section tanks using climbing formwork, then simultaneous construction of two water towers and a metal gangway between the domes of both tanks.

On 1st September 2020, at around 10 a.m., 8 cylinders driving a bundle of steel cables raised the first tower’s initial 3,500-tonne empty tank to a height of 30m.

Its 3,500-tonne twin was raised on 8 and 9 October 2020 in difficult weather conditions.

These tanks were fastened to the column before the construction of the dome and tower located above the column. 

Franzetti currently builds some ten water towers a year, of varying capacities.