Comptage +: the solution to optimise the efficiency of water meter networks


The SADE Group is home to a calibration laboratory with 13 calibration benches for Ø ≤ 150mm meters. By surveying new and commissioned meters, it can determine optimised management modes for water meter networks and define appropriate and adapted renewal policies, in addition to carrying out regulatory periodical inspections.

Comptage +:

  • Identifies the least efficient meters in operation thanks to the expertise and survey methods of a calibration laboratory 

  • Develops stable budget meter renewal programmes enabling a rapid rise in water service revenues (management, local authority)  

  • A rapid and substantial growth in meter network yields, and thus the water network in its globality 

Eco offer

For networks of up to
15,000 meters

Offre essentielle

For networks of more than
15,000 meters

Premium offer

Commitment with
performance-based remuneration


  • A 3 to 5% growth rate in meter network yields over 2 years with Comptage +
  • Up to 99% rise in meter network yields
  • The guarantee of regulatory compliance for meter networks in operation

Optimisation for networks of 10,000 to 17,000 meters for annual billed volumes of 1.5 to 30 million m3.