More than 100 years of SADE



In 2018, SADE (Société Auxiliaire des Distributions d’Eau) celebrated its one hundredth anniversary. This was a significant milestone because there are not many centenarian companies in France.

SADE is now more than 100 years old, proud of its history, adapted to its time and looking to the future

This 100-year anniversary was evidence of the company’s flexibility and sense of adaptation, as well as its ability to reinvent and renew itself and handle change without breaking.

This 100-year anniversary was an opportunity to express its sincere thanks to:

  • its public sector, industrial and private clients for the projects that they entrust to it and their ongoing confidence,
  • its 8,000+ employees, who are its strength and soul through their involvement and day-to-day commitment.

SADE, a centenarian company

  • A centenarian company is a company that “thinks long-term”, making it better able to reconcile past, present and future, and combine transmission and innovation.
  • A centenarian company is a company that never gives up and constantly looks to the future.
  • A centenarian company is a company that knows how to bounce back without abandoning its historical roots, and is able to re-evaluate itself and reinvent its models
  • A centenarian company is a responsible, committed and united company.

It is a source of pride to belong to a centenarian business: pride in its history and values, pride in its experience and achievements. 

We can all be proud of it!

We must all be proud of it!

We share this pride not only with our teams, but also with our customers and partners.

We also pass on this pride to the younger generations who are joining the company and discovering it. 

Being centenarian is undeniably an asset. A commercial asset. A corporate image asset… 

But above all, being centenarian entails a new level of personal standards and a certain number of obligations. 

At the top of the list is exemplarity.

  • Exemplarity in ethics 
  • Exemplarity in sustainable development and the protection of natural resources 
  • Exemplarity in safety at work 
  • Exemplarity in human resources 
  • Exemplarity in technical know-how

The centenary pop-up museum

Created for this event, a museum focusing on the general theme of “Living your daily life differently based on repurposed emblems of our business” featured works of art, objects and posters.

The centenary logo

SADE identified two key messages for this event:

  • Experience, to reflect the technical expertise and know-how that are its trademark;
  • Enthusiasm, to reflect the strength and dynamism of a collective group united around shared values.

The centenary statue

This statue by a Parisian artist is a free interpretation of the SADE logo. 

A closer look at its components: 

  • First of all, the figure of a SADE employee representing the heart of the company and its unifying element. 
  • Beside them, an amphora which is linked with SADE’s historic profession of water, and which is transformed in their hands into a multitude of networks including water, telecoms and energy. 
  • A base which represents one of the emblems of public works, the reel, in reference to the civil engineering works of SADE Group. 
  • Hands open to the world, a symbol of the work achieved for communities and transmission. 
  • The number 100 inscribed on the amphora to mark the purpose of the work of art. 

Manufactured in 40 copies and moulded in the Ufacto workshop, this resin statue was presented to each SADE entity on the occasion of the regional celebrations of the centenary.