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SADE defies the heights…

20 April 2023
…by rehabilitating a reservoir using the Hydroclick® process. Vendée Eau entrusted the Rennes Regional Division with the rehabilitation of a 5000m³ reservoir in La Roche-sur-Yon. Dates: from 2 November 2021 to 17 May 2023 A vast project This was a technical feat for the Civil Engineering-Special Works Agency, which was responsible for the interior rehabilitation of the water tower: Waterproofing of the tank by laying HDPE plates (Hydroclick® process) Repairs, by rope access technicians, to the reduced-access steel riser mains And exterior junction and asbestos disposal works to the pipelines Its co-contractor, VERTICAL, was in charge… +

Sallaumines, a mining history…

6 April 2023
SADE and its teams are renovating the former mining towns, which were UNESCO Heritage-listed in 2012!  From the late 19th century to the late 1980s, the municipality of Sallaumines in the Pas-de-Calais department was a major mining hub managed by the Compagnie des Mines de Courrières. To retain the population, these private companies provided high-quality housing to miners and their families. Perfect rows of red brick housing Between 1900 and 1930, hundreds of comfortable houses were built for miners. The houses included a pantry, outdoor toilets, a porch and small garden, and varied in surface area according to the number… +

Abidjan gets its first underground rail line

23 March 2023
FRANZETTI CI is a stakeholder in this project!  The Abidjan underground system is set to transport 180 million passengers per year as of 2028 and will revolutionise and streamline urban transport in this city. The project, which crosses the city along its existing railway, is of course generating numerous works orders, in particular those linked to the transfer and protection of utility networks located in its future passageway. The Line 1 project This line adds to existing services which do not adequately meet the strong demand for transport between the various municipalities of the Abidjan Autonomous District. In addition to… +

SADE’s expertise in wastewater treatment consolidated by 2 recent projects for the Poitiers-Metz RD.

6 March 2023
SADE won two long-term work orders in Pont-d’Ain and Chavanoz, which began in May 2022 and are scheduled for completion in the second half of 2023. SADE is carrying out the sizing, execution plans, operation management, networks and all equipment, including electricity and automations.  The aim is to inaugurate the Pont d’Ain on 8 September 2023! The task is to build a brand new 5000PE treatment plant and demolish the existing facilities located in the immediate vicinity. The mayor of the commissioning municipality set the inauguration of the new WWTP for 8 September 2023. The goal is thus clear, and… +

SADE the outstanding choice for Choisy…

24 January 2023
 …to rehabilitate a large retention tank in the event of H2SO4 accidents. Veolia Eau d’Ile-de-France (VEDIF), delegate of the Ile-de-France Water Authority (SEDIF) is responsible for ensuring the public water supply service, in addition to the maintenance of the Authority’s heritage network. In this regard, VEDIF called on the Civil Engineering and Special Works Agency of the Rennes Regional Division to carry out the tanking by Hydroclick® of the emergency retention basin, located under the two 60m³ sulphuric acid tanks (H2SO4) of the Choisy-Le-Roi water production plant. The Ivry-sur-Seine Agency (Paris Regional Division) also… +

SADE contributes to economic recovery

20 January 2022
SIZIAF is the manager of a 460ha industrial estate located in the Douvrin and Billy-Berclau municipalities. It is responsible for the structural development, management and economic growth of the Artois-Flandres industrial park.  Geared primarily towards industrial companies, the first firm to locate to the estate in the late 1960s was La Française de Mécanique. This industrial estate continues to grow today. A new 90ha plot was freed up and redesigned on the former Française de Mécanique site, notably for the firm ACC, winner of the French government’s recovery plan for the car industry and innovative entities. ACC is Europe’s leading… +

Large-scale drainage works to the north of Tours

2 December 2021
5 years after La Riche, Rennes RD and SADE Special Works pooled their expertise once more on behalf of Tours Métropole, for vast drainage works between Tours and Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire. Broken down into two orders attributed to the Rennes RD and SSW, this 15-month, out-size task involved the extension of the drainage network to the north of the Tours metropolis, with the building of a primary collector to transport wastewater to the main treatment plant (La Grange) in La Riche, the ultimate goal being to close down all the small treatment plants in… +

Dilution to standardise the drinking water resources of a municipality in Moselle

30 November 2021
Rustroff, a village in the immediate vicinity of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, needed to find a solution to improve its drinking water resource. On overly-present element Up until then, local springs served as Rustroff’s primary water source. The level of phosphates in these waters had been rising steadily for several years. To restore a standard level, the municipal authorities opted for dilution, by mixing this spring water with water supplied by a neighbouring authority. Following a call for tenders, the building of an interconnection network and automated facilities was entrusted to the Greater Metz RD. A carefully developed project… +

Improving a municipality’s drainage network

24 November 2021
The Loire-Forez conglomeration entrusted the SADE Group with the separation of a sewer mains section in the Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert municipality. Works were co-contracted by the local SADE agency and DPSM, our Toulouse-based subsidiary and rehabilitation expert. Double, rehabilitate and separate Along around 450m on Avenue des Barques, the task was to: Rehabilitate a T180 ovoid Build a stormwater collector in parallel (800mm-diameter concrete) Create/modify all branch connections to separate stormwater and wastewater drainage along most of this section The DPSM teams took care of the rehabilitation, while the Poitiers-Metz RD, and more specifically the Saint-Etienne branch… +

Two thrusts from a single entry shaft to build a collector

18 November 2021
In Beaumont, as part of a project to install junctions to the Pourliat stormwater basin drain, Clermont Auvergne Métropole (CAM) called on SADE Special Works and the Poitiers-Metz RD (Clermont-Ferrand Agency), to create a stormwater collector using microtunnelling (1,200mm-diameter) along 635m. The works Works were executed: In two thrusts: the first along a straight distance of 240m and the second along 395m with a 200m bend of 400m radius from a single entry shaft to two exit shafts. Using standard techniques, SADE Special Works carried out the excavation works… +