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Rehabilitation of the sanitation networks on Esplanade Saint-Gervais in Rouen

28 June 2021
SADE and SAT working well together! The Rouen Normandie Metropolitan Authority has appointed a SADE (agent)-SOGEA consortium to rehabilitate the wastewater and stormwater networks on Esplanade Saint-Gervais in Rouen. This area on the banks of the Seine – used regularly for major events, such as trade fairs, funfairs, exhibitions, etc. – is now a huge construction site working to a tight timescale. Comprehensive collection The main objective is to be able to collect and pre-treat – by means of temporary connection points, a new network and associated works – all… +

DPSM pull out all the technical stops

16 June 2021
In Béziers, as part of the rehabilitation of a section of the town’s sanitation network. The Béziers Méditerranée Urban Authority has accepted DPSM’s solutions for the rehabilitation of a visitable segment of its sanitation network located right next to the mainline rail station and partly beneath its tracks. A strategic but congested main sewer This section is part of a mains sewer that transports just over half of all the town’s wastewater. A fact that led to the installation, during the works, of a by-pass with a capacity of 600m³/h. The DPSM teams… +

CTHM reduces its environmental impact

17 March 2021
CTHM is now lighting its main site using 20 LED projectors powered by a photovoltaic system. In our first episode, both the preparatory work and the routing of the liners were ongoing. The advantages a saving of 32KWH/day, i.e. 972KWH/M of electrical consumption (8 hours of lighting) a reduction of 97.2kg/M in CO2 emissions a significant monthly financial saving no specific connection 8-year projector service life a 1-year economic amortization period +

2.6km underground for wastewater…

19 February 2021
on a big project for Bordeaux Métropole with the SADE Special Works teams. Two project aims Increase the treatment capacity of the Cantinolle and Lille wastewater treatment plants, located in Eysines and Blanquefort respectively, in response to the growing population of these two municipalities; Preserve the sensitive natural environment of the River Jalle by discharging treated water into the River Garonne, which has a higher flow rate. The works Since August 2020, 18km of additional networks have been built to link these two wastewater treatment plants located in the Bordeaux metropolitan area and enable the transfer of wastewater from Cantinolle… +

A large-scale project in the heart of Montpellier

18 January 2021
…Where the Marseille RD is replacing one of the city’s major feeders. Montpellier’s largest reservoir is located in the university district, fed by the Lez catchment spring, the region’s main resource. In the framework of laying works for Line 5 of the Montpellier tram system, SADE, under the direction of the agent Razel Bec, is replacing one of two feeders transporting water from this reservoir to the city’s secondary reserves. In order to expand its capacity, a 100mm-diameter concrete pipe is to be replaced by a 1,300mm-diameter steel-core pipe along 1,050m and… +

Close-fit lining work in the Rabat Medina: season 2

14 January 2021
Rue 38 got all dressed up to the 9’s with the setup of the first liners. In our first episode, both the preparatory work and the routing of the liners were ongoing. In-field training, still provided by Cyrille MAUFAY, continued in December with the laying of the first stretches of close-fit lining. Rue 38 (a top priority in the programme prepared by Redal) was therefore transformed for a few days into a trenchless works demonstration area. The aim of the first drive was to rehabilitate a 30m, 300-diameter stretch between too shallow manholes. Every stage of the protocol was followed:… +

SADE in the mountains…

27 November 2020
Though ski resorts might not be opening back up right away, some will be ready and raring to go for the season because our Regional Divisions are hard at work! Thanks to fast work by our Metz and Lyon Regional Divisions, two resorts’ water systems are being given a major makeover. Water for snow-making machines: no SADE, no snowflakes! In Haut-Rhin, SMMGM (i.e. Markstein Grand-Ballon massif joint development agency) wanted to extend the Markstein ski resort’s snow-making system. To meet this demand and supply 9 new snow-making machines, the Metz Regional Division (Alsace Agency) set up:… +

Friedland shaft in Paris (Eole project)…

9 November 2020
A flagship worksite featuring an original technique developed by the experts of SADE Special Works. Currently, SADE Special Works is handling the earthworks for this 24.25m x 7.45m, 43m-deep rectangular shaft. Context Positioned in Paris on Avenue Friedland, which stretches from Boulevard Haussmann all the way to the Arc de Triomphe, the “Friedland shaft” will provide ventilation and emergency access for the future RER E regional express train station by 2022. It is nestled in a dense urban environment, surrounded by sensitive sites: RER Line A, which runs 4.85m from its walls and the many Haussmannian buildings lining the avenue.… +

SADE sees double

6 November 2020
Down near Dax, the small town of Castets plans to position itself as the new surfing El Dorado by playing host to a tourist complex, complete with a giant wave pool. This project and the population growth it will entail mean the town’s WWTP’s capacity needs to be doubled in advance. The Les Landes SYDEC (Departmental Municipal Equipment Authority) has selected SADE (head of consortium) and its partner Gallego for this mission. The challenge The goal, is to design and build the new infrastructure and partially modify the existing systems to boost treatment capacity from 2,750 PE to 5,500 PE,… +

SADE group is back in the Paris region’s drinking water plants

2 November 2020
With the award of the contract to renovate the Méry-sur-Oise drinking water production plant decanting unit for SEDIF as part of a consortium alongside SETHA. Since the changes made to the terms of SEDIF’s service delegation contracts, drinking water plant contracts had become few and far between for the Greater Paris Regional Division. But that doesn’t mean it’s lost its touch, and it’s now back with a bang with this valuable contract won by the Argenteuil Agency. The contract in brief As head of the consortium, SADE won Package 2, along with its partners SETHA and INEO (ENGIE’s electrical engineering… +