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Under the red paving stones of Metz city centre…

16 March 2023
SADE renews drinking water supply pipes.  Last November, François GROSDIDIER, Mayor of Metz, confirmed his wish to ‘restore a strong identity to Rue Serpenoise, an absolute emblem of the city’. By 2024, and in order to revitalise the city centre, the existing long street of red paving stone will be transformed with new paving and the installation of a unique urban structure named ‘La Sepertine’, composed of benches, arches, fountains for ‘drinking and refreshment’, misters and plants. At nightfall, passers-by will discover a play of lights revealing the Graoully Did you know? The Graoully is a mythical dragon-like beast, which… +

New phase in the fight against frazil ice at the Golfech nuclear power plant

14 March 2023
with the fitting of the diffuser, an essential pipeline element.  Power production units require a constant supply of water for the operation and cooling of circuits. To ensure an ongoing supply of sufficient quantities of water and maintain the safety of a plant, the formation of frazil ice is to be avoided at all costs. To prevent this risk, the Rennes and Bordeaux Regional Divisions laid a hot water supply system in the vicinity of the pumping station grids and the sections requiring protection. The diffuser, located at the mouth of the network, is the pipe section via which the… +

Supporting the industrialisation of the Grésivaudan area…

14 February 2023
…through sustainable development. The Grenoble region is a highly-attractive industrial basin for companies developing cutting-edge techniques. STMicroelectronics, a French-Italian semi-conductor manufacturer and world leader in micro-electronic components, is currently building a gigantic production plant in Crolles, in the Isère area. To ensure water supply to this industrial plant, the Grésivaudan Community of Municipalities has awarded 4 contracts to link the Saint-Ismier reservoirs to the Crolles site via 8km of 600mm-diameter pipelines. SADE (Poitiers-Metz Regional Division) was awarded contract n°3. Extending the lifespan of networks For this project, the Grenoble agency recommends Class 50… +

Large-scale drainage works to the north of Tours

2 December 2021
5 years after La Riche, Rennes RD and SADE Special Works pooled their expertise once more on behalf of Tours Métropole, for vast drainage works between Tours and Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire. Broken down into two orders attributed to the Rennes RD and SSW, this 15-month, out-size task involved the extension of the drainage network to the north of the Tours metropolis, with the building of a primary collector to transport wastewater to the main treatment plant (La Grange) in La Riche, the ultimate goal being to close down all the small treatment plants in… +

Improving a municipality’s drainage network

24 November 2021
The Loire-Forez conglomeration entrusted the SADE Group with the separation of a sewer mains section in the Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert municipality. Works were co-contracted by the local SADE agency and DPSM, our Toulouse-based subsidiary and rehabilitation expert. Double, rehabilitate and separate Along around 450m on Avenue des Barques, the task was to: Rehabilitate a T180 ovoid Build a stormwater collector in parallel (800mm-diameter concrete) Create/modify all branch connections to separate stormwater and wastewater drainage along most of this section The DPSM teams took care of the rehabilitation, while the Poitiers-Metz RD, and more specifically the Saint-Etienne branch… +

Two thrusts from a single entry shaft to build a collector

18 November 2021
In Beaumont, as part of a project to install junctions to the Pourliat stormwater basin drain, Clermont Auvergne Métropole (CAM) called on SADE Special Works and the Poitiers-Metz RD (Clermont-Ferrand Agency), to create a stormwater collector using microtunnelling (1,200mm-diameter) along 635m. The works Works were executed: In two thrusts: the first along a straight distance of 240m and the second along 395m with a 200m bend of 400m radius from a single entry shaft to two exit shafts. Using standard techniques, SADE Special Works carried out the excavation works… +

SADE Special Works’ finest manholes for the SIAAP north-east outfall

30 August 2021
To transport wastewater to its pre-treatment and treatment facilities, the Greater Paris Sanitation Authority (SIAAP) manages a 440km network composed primarily of outfalls with manhole access. The rehabilitation of 11 manholes, along the north-east outfall, was entrusted to SADE Special Works. A similar task across the board… For 10 manholes of 20m to 65m in depth, all equipped with a concrete staircase, SADE Special Works’ task was to clean, purge coatings, apply a special mortar for hostile environments and, where necessary, replace or install safety features such as handrails. …with… +

Rehabilitation of the sanitation networks on Esplanade Saint-Gervais in Rouen

28 June 2021
SADE and SAT working well together! The Rouen Normandie Metropolitan Authority has appointed a SADE (agent)-SOGEA consortium to rehabilitate the wastewater and stormwater networks on Esplanade Saint-Gervais in Rouen. This area on the banks of the Seine – used regularly for major events, such as trade fairs, funfairs, exhibitions, etc. – is now a huge construction site working to a tight timescale. Comprehensive collection The main objective is to be able to collect and pre-treat – by means of temporary connection points, a new network and associated works – all… +

DPSM pull out all the technical stops

16 June 2021
In Béziers, as part of the rehabilitation of a section of the town’s sanitation network. The Béziers Méditerranée Urban Authority has accepted DPSM’s solutions for the rehabilitation of a visitable segment of its sanitation network located right next to the mainline rail station and partly beneath its tracks. A strategic but congested main sewer This section is part of a mains sewer that transports just over half of all the town’s wastewater. A fact that led to the installation, during the works, of a by-pass with a capacity of 600m³/h. The DPSM teams… +

A large-scale project in the heart of Montpellier

18 January 2021
…Where the Marseille RD is replacing one of the city’s major feeders. Montpellier’s largest reservoir is located in the university district, fed by the Lez catchment spring, the region’s main resource. In the framework of laying works for Line 5 of the Montpellier tram system, SADE, under the direction of the agent Razel Bec, is replacing one of two feeders transporting water from this reservoir to the city’s secondary reserves. In order to expand its capacity, a 100mm-diameter concrete pipe is to be replaced by a 1,300mm-diameter steel-core pipe along 1,050m and… +