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The Jourdain programme explained

22 July 2021
Veolia and SADE have joined forces to provide an innovative and ethical solution to reusing treated wastewater to supply drinking water to districts in the department of Vendée. Circular water recovery programme Its aim is threefold: to provide an additional solution in areas with high demand in summer and where there is an imbalance in conventional resources, to operate a circular system of water use by sending treated wastewater to reservoirs rather than discharging it into the sea, and to validate the refining process to obtain very high-quality water and demonstrate its safety for the receiving environment. Rather than being… +

Making sure fire-fighting water storage is compliant

20 July 2021
… to protect the environment at Collins Aérospace As part of its efforts to develop the industrial market, the Paris Regional Division won a contract with Collins Aérospace in Antony (in the Hauts-de-Seine department) The site specialises in the maintenance and manufacture of fire-protection systems for helicopters, tanks and aeroplanes. An inspection by the Regional and Interdepartmental Office of the Environment and the Energy of Ile-de-France (DRIEE) revealed non-conformities with regard to classified industrial facilities for environmental protection. This prompted the Franco-American firm to call on SADE, which it identified thanks to its brand-new website! The survey submitted by the… +

Laying cables

15 July 2021
for the city of Nantes, which is burying its high-voltage lines as part of commercial venture.  MESIL (which stands for ‘mise en souterrain par initiative locale’ – placing networks underground at the initiative of local authorities) is the name given by RTE (the Electricity Transmission Network) to projects undertaken at the request of local communities. In the Beaujoire neighbourhood, at the request of the city of Nantes, SADERTELEC is undertaking two MESIL projects for RTE to bury overhead lines in this area to allow for the expansion of a shopping centre. MESIL 1 – a tricky business… RTE commissioned SADERTELEC… +

A customised decanting channel

24 June 2021
for an easy-peasy solution that has made all the difference! Frozen-veg specialist GELAGRI entrusted SADE with the rehabilitation of the process-water equalising tank at its production site in Loudéac, Côtes d’Armor. A huge project whose timescale depended on the ripening of peas. Proposal of a customised solution To ensure both the water-tightness of the 6,000m3 tank and the recovery of the considerable amount of matter suspended in the vegetable washing water, SADE Engineering and the Rennes Regional Division designed and sized a decanting channel comprising a damping chamber and two decanting compartments that are successively refilled by overflows, over the… +

An innovative dais!

10 June 2021
The Paris Regional Division (SADE Services agency) is building an original test installation on La Défense plaza for Veolia. A refreshing dais It centres on a 196 m² (14 x 14 m) dais installed at the foot of the Great Arch of La Défense, which, in summer, will refresh passers-by via a water evaporation system. Seureca and Veolia Research & Innovation (VERI) came up with the concept. An original structure The structure will be temporary, for the summer only, and will take the SADE Services agency team two weeks to build, including constructing a wooden surround, installing a small-diameter pipe… +

The town of Ault is adapting its seafront…

8 June 2021
including redeployment of its wastewater systems from now to 2050. The cliffs in Ault are regularly retreating, under repeated attack from the sea wearing them away from the bottom, and rainwater infiltration eating away at them from the top, plus the combined effects of freezing and thawing. According to estimates, in some places, they are losing 30 to 50m every 100 years. Faced with this danger, the town was added to the Picardy cliffs risk prevention plan (prefectural order of 6 June 2013), which addresses the risk of coastal erosion and predicts changes to the coastline, as well as making… +

Design & construction of an effluent treatment plant in Romania…

4 June 2021
for the country’s leading ice-cream maker, Betty Ice. Betty Ice was founded in 1994 by the Romanian Vasile ARMENEAN and is Romania’s number one frozen dessert maker, employing 760 staff. In 2020, the business joined Unilever group, the Anglo-Dutch multinational consumer goods company, with the aim of increasing its production. SIng Romania (SADE Ingénierie SRL) recently won the turnkey contract to design and build an effluent treatment plant at its production plant, located in Suceava, in north-eastern Romania. The Suceava site discharges both industrial and domestic effluent, which must meet the Romanian NTP001 standard for discharge into the natural environment.… +

A partnership between SIng and VWT Poland in Romania…

30 April 2021
on a technological project to build a biogas-producing WWTP for an industrial client. In May 2020, SADE Ingénierie, as part of a consortium with VWT Poland, won an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, & Construction) contract with MASPEX GROUP to build a biogas-producing wastewater treatment plant. The production site is located in Valenii de Munte, 110km north of Bucharest, in Romania. The building permit was issued in June 2020 and today the team is on the verge of completing the challenge of finishing the project within the agreed 12-month deadline. MASPEX is one of Central and Eastern Europe’s biggest food producers, and… +

How about brewing in Romania with SIng…?

29 March 2021
And specifically in Targu Mures where Heineken operates a multi-brand beer production site with a capacity of 1.25Mhl/year. In 2018, Heineken launched a plan to modernise its production facility, reduce its specific water consumption per hl of beer produced, and improve the performance of its existing wastewater treatment plant, built back in 2000. After an international call for tenders, SADE INGENIERIE SRL was selected ahead of 4 other competitors from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands as the successful bidder for the deal to renovate the existing wastewater treatment plant and increase its treatment capacity. 3 points of SADE INGENIERIE SRL’s… +

Codename: Neptuno!

16 March 2021
Mission: guaranteeing a continuous water supply for the inhabitants of Guayaquil, Ecuador. More than 3 million inhabitants of the city of Guayaquil, i.e. approx. 28% of the national population, get their drinking water in 28 municipalities from the Daule River, via the La Toma treatment plant. The La Toma operating system is based on 3 treatment plants (Planta Nueva, Planta Lurgi and Planta Convencional) which treat water pumped from the river. The Neptuno project Currently two Ø1,800 pumping lines serve the Planta Nueva, which can handle a flow rate of up to 10m3/s. Above this rate, the pumps stop. This… +