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Three more years with RTE…

25 November 2020
…with SADERTELEC, which renewed its framework agreement with the electricity transmission company. Do we still need to introduce SADERTELEC, our subsidiary that works exclusively for RTE, and whose headquarters are based in Marseille? A little history, all the same… It was back in 2009 that the Marseille Regional Division got in touch with the electricity transmission company, realising that burying very high voltage lines (63 to 400KV) was a fast-growing business. Our initial aim was to offer specific structural services, particularly microtunneling with STS. In 2013, a new entity was created to specifically focus on this business line: SADERTELEC. This… +

News from our girls and boys in Bouaké!

10 November 2020
SADE Group is bolstering Bouaké’s drinking water supply for PFO Africa, head of the consortium awarded the overall contract by the Ivory Coast Hydraulics Ministry. After work began on the site at the end of March 2020, COVID-19 put a real spanner in the works: repatriation, temporary site shutdown, plus new health & safety rules. The project practically ground to a halt for several months, leading to comprehensive reorganisation last July.  Since then, 3 teams armed with an impressive selection of excavation equipment have been working 6 days a week to meet the deadline: two Ø 1,200 teams and one… +

Down at the Blainville-sur-Orne port complex…

27 October 2020
SADE is building 2 twin XXL lifting stations for the rainwater collection, treatment and discharge project launched by Caen Normandie CCI. Identical and 50/50 These 2 underground concrete structures, located at either end of the platform, are absolutely identical. They are 7.50m high, 6m long and 3.60m wide, and house four 1,600m3/h pumps operated on a 3+1 basis. Each station is sized to lift half the volumes collected on the site up to a nearby retention and containment basin, meaning the 2 stations treat 100% of the rainwater. A tried and tested methodology The… +

SADE at the heart of the Senegalese drinking water supply system

19 October 2020
The “point B” plant and tanks, located in the heart of Dakar, form the input point of Dakar’s main water supply pipeline: ALG 1. After observing the existence of malfunctions and leaks, the operator, SEN’EAU, selected SADE to renovate two key components of the system, which involved totally shutting off the capital’s water supply. The works Replacement of a leaky valve (ø1,000mm) on the ALG1 pipeline Repair of a leaky pipe (ø600mm) at the start of the distribution network by fully replacing the valves and fittings in the output manhole. To replace the faulty parts within the deadlines, teams from… +

A new contract for two top projects in Costa Rica

13 October 2020
Signed on October 6, 2020: a fine victory for SADE Costa Rica, assisted by the Group’s Head Office IT Department Support Division. Aya, which is SADE Costa Rica’s main client, is the state-owned company that manages drinking water and wastewater treatment service for 80% of the country’s population. It recently selected SADE for the biggest network extension project is has ever launched: a gigantic wastewater collection and treatment project for more than a million users in the country’s capital, San José, protecting rivers from WW discharged into the natural environment… +

Immediate take-off for Cotonou

25 September 2020
Since July 2019, Cardinal Benrardin Gantin international airport in Cotonou has been getting a makeover. Franzetti Benin has been one of the key contributors… A welcome works extension! The Benin government had planned to build a new international airport, Glo-Djigbé, outside Cotonou over the next 3-4 years to replace the existing Cardinal Bernardin Gantin airport, to welcome more than 1 million passengers per year. Franzetti was set to play its part in this transition by giving a fresh lick of paint to the existing building. Given the current airport’s capabilities, the government ultimately decided to delay the construction of this… +

Ivory Coast: new Bouaké drinking water plant project

14 September 2020
An outstanding success for the SADE Group with the signing of 3 contracts with Veolia Africa and Veolia Ivory Coast. The project’s overall aim is to meet the country’s second largest city’s growing demand for drinking water. SADE was already previously selected by PFO (General Contractor) to carry out the civil engineering design work on these same facilities. Description of the new contracts The latest 3 contracts cover the detailed design, construction and commissioning of the facilities for the new plant, as well as its intermediate lifting station. They are included in the first package of the new plant, which… +

SADE goes troglodyte

8 September 2020
Caen La Mer intermunicipal authority selected SADE (Rouen Regional Division) to manage a worksite to restructure the rainwater system crossing a giant abandoned underground quarry in Fleury-sur-Orne. A wastewater treatment worksite with multiple challenges. An environmental issue. The gutter-shaped stormwater main crossing the quarry overflows regularly, contaminating both the quarry floor and waters from the regionally-important Bathonian reservoir that rise up into the galleries. To resolve these issues, SADE was tasked with handling the gravity ducting (5mm/m) of this 150m segment. Since mid-June, the Giberville agency team has been setting up and slotting together the 64 concrete… +

High-level lifting

7 September 2020
On a highly technical worksite with a short lead time requiring serious SADE Group resources and wide-ranging know-how. SMAV (Valenciennes Intermunicipal Wastewater Treatment Authority) selected SADE to extend its wastewater treatment network, including renovating 2 building complex connections. This project is the final phase of a major overhaul of the public wastewater treatment network. Its primary aim is to stop discharging wastewater into the La Balhaut stream. And also to reroute it to the River Escaut and reduce demand on the WWTP, which has until now handled 100% of the water from the system. 2 apartment buildings, 1… +

SADE Special Works connects Brittany!

27 August 2020
Intervention in the framework of a colossal project for GRT Gaz. Due for commissioning in 2021, the Landivisiau natural gas-fired combined cycle power station will strengthen the security of electricity supply in Brittany. At present, the region produces only 10% to 15% of the electricity it consumes and is therefore highly dependent on its neighbours. Discover the video of the Landivisiau site To enable its connection to the natural gas supply distribution network, GRT Gaz must lay 22km of 400mm-diameter gas pipeline across the Finistère region. The new network will cross some ten municipalities, starting… +