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Supporting the industrialisation of the Grésivaudan area…

14 February 2023
…through sustainable development. The Grenoble region is a highly-attractive industrial basin for companies developing cutting-edge techniques. STMicroelectronics, a French-Italian semi-conductor manufacturer and world leader in micro-electronic components, is currently building a gigantic production plant in Crolles, in the Isère area. To ensure water supply to this industrial plant, the Grésivaudan Community of Municipalities has awarded 4 contracts to link the Saint-Ismier reservoirs to the Crolles site via 8km of 600mm-diameter pipelines. SADE (Poitiers-Metz Regional Division) was awarded contract n°3. Extending the lifespan of networks For this project, the Grenoble agency recommends Class 50… +

Successfully renewing ties with Dalkia

2 February 2023
with the building of a heating network extension! In Fleury-sur-Orne in the Calvados region, DALKIA entrusted the Rouen RD (Giberville Agency) with the extension of the town’s heating network on Avenue d’Harcourt (RD 562) and Grande Rue. This turnkey project included the supply and laying of all elements, optimised at every step from preparation to execution. Raw data 1.1km of two-way network in Class II pre-insulated steel, 219mm inner diameter and 355mm outer diameter, for a total 2.2km of pipes. 140 16-metre tubes and special parts, arc-welded in 2 phases 200 welding operations and insulation repairs 8 joints and 10… +

Without trenches or manhole shafts

26 January 2023
CTHM pursues the development of its trenchless techniques.  The Régie Autonome de Kénitra (RAK) [Kenitra independent authority] is launching rehabilitation works on collector D, T230, located under the busy Mohamed Diouri Avenue, which links Place de la Gare to Oued Sebou, (1.5km). Project The teams will rehabilitate this straight-lined combined sewerage system, gaining access via existing manholes: On-site polymeric UV close-fit lining along a 224m-section in 500mm-diameter concrete Concrete spraying along 1.2km of T230 ovoid sewers with rubble stone (a more suitable technique than the laying of liners for equivalent hydraulic capacity) Pitting and levelling with mortar of 29 manholes… +

SADE the outstanding choice for Choisy…

24 January 2023
 …to rehabilitate a large retention tank in the event of H2SO4 accidents. Veolia Eau d’Ile-de-France (VEDIF), delegate of the Ile-de-France Water Authority (SEDIF) is responsible for ensuring the public water supply service, in addition to the maintenance of the Authority’s heritage network. In this regard, VEDIF called on the Civil Engineering and Special Works Agency of the Rennes Regional Division to carry out the tanking by Hydroclick® of the emergency retention basin, located under the two 60m³ sulphuric acid tanks (H2SO4) of the Choisy-Le-Roi water production plant. The Ivry-sur-Seine Agency (Paris Regional Division) also… +

Rehabilitation of an SNCF drainage collector

12 January 2023
Using the Bluelight® technique, particularly adapted to limited-access networks. In Ablaincourt-Pressoir, the defects observed during compulsory periodical inspections of the drainage collector (250mm-diameter and 3m deep) along the high-speed train line called for the rehabilitation of this collector. SNCF decided to use these works, executed by the Non-Inspectable Rehabilitation team from SADE Special Works, as a test project. The solution requested by SNCF was to sheathe the existing drain to maintain its transport function and to place a new shallow drain on the ground level. SADE teams set to the task, beginning with the waterproofing of the collector, then sheathing… +

Tangier and Marrakesh adopt close-fit lining

14 December 2022
For the rehabilitation of wastewater networks in tourist areas. Radeema and Amendis, experts in water cycle and Moroccan subsidiaries of the Veolia Group, are leading a multiannual works programme to ensure high-performance public service, save water resources and protect natural areas. On behalf of Radeema, works in Marrakech will consist in the rehabilitation by UV close-fit lining of 200m of wastewater pipelines (400mm to 600mm-diameter). The specificity of these pipelines is their location in two very busy tourist areas of the medina: one section in front of the Dar El Bacha monument, former palace of the Pacha of Marrakesh, and… +

Renovation of the Clichy-la-Garenne wastewater treatment plant

18 November 2022
Civil engineering works, poles and cover slab for basin T30. Built almost 160 years ago, the Clichy-la-Garenne pre-treatment plant (operated by the Paris Wastewater Authority (SIAAP)) is the transit point for a significant proportion of wastewater from the Paris conurbation. The large-scale renovations to this plant include the building of a new 70,000m³ storage basin for surplus rainwater, the modernisation of the current pre-treatment unit and the building of a second unit. Order 1 works began in 2019 with the laying of diaphragm walls, the coupling beam and apron of this imposing T30… +

After Tangier and Rabat, close-fit lining continues its path through the medinas…

20 October 2022
…and is currently under way in Rabat! At the initiative of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Moroccan Government launched a rehabilitation programme in Morocco’s 32 medinas to renew these living and business districts which are home to 750,000 people, i.e., 3.6% of the country’s urban population. At present, 14 of these districts are undergoing active rehabilitation. This programme also enables CTHM, our Moroccan subsidiary, to stand out from the competition with the implementation of trenchless techniques which are particularly suited to these dense urban environments, made up of narrow lanes that are home to intense business and retail activity.… +

An underground basin in Rouailler, the 4th and final step of a long-term project

26 August 2022
The adventure of the Rouailler basin began in 2011, in the Livry-Gargan municipality of Seine-Saint-Denis, on behalf of the Departmental Council, with the Water Department acting as project contractor. This new basin will replace the existing facilities, which are no longer adequate given the municipality’s urban growth, and augments the municipality’s service network, notably to include surplus stormwater drainage. On a broader scale, this project forms part of the overall rehabilitation of the department to enhance the sanitary quality of local waterways, by ending the discharge… +

Supplying drinking water to the town of Thonon

21 July 2022
A daunting challenge, given the Allinges and Lyaud mountains, to be met with an MTBM! A portion of the water supply pipe, dating from 1936, which links the catchment point in the natural springs of the Blaves galleries (Lyaud) to the Chavannes reservoir (Allinges) was collapsing and in need of replacement. This is a particularly significant operation for the Thonon conglomeration and its users, as the network in question supplies 90% of the town of Thonon-les-Bains and ensures safe water for more than 30,000 inhabitants. Given the local topography (a hill over… +