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SADE at the heart of the Senegalese drinking water supply system

19 October 2020
The “point B” plant and tanks, located in the heart of Dakar, form the input point of Dakar’s main water supply pipeline: ALG 1. After observing the existence of malfunctions and leaks, the operator, SEN’EAU, selected SADE to renovate two key components of the system, which involved totally shutting off the capital’s water supply. The works Replacement of a leaky valve (ø1,000mm) on the ALG1 pipeline Repair of a leaky pipe (ø600mm) at the start of the distribution network by fully replacing the valves and fittings in the output manhole. To replace the faulty parts within the deadlines, teams from… +

SADE is also building water towers in Senegal…

11 February 2020
77 over the last 3 years and SADE has no plans on stopping any time soon! These simple, sturdy, 100 to 200m³, on average 20m-high water towers are designed to supply multiple rural communities in Senegal. They previously consumed surface water or water from shallow wells, which are both vectors of multiple diseases and becoming depleted due to the widespread lowering of water tables in this region of the Sahel. In addition to the construction of these water towers, nearly 1,000km of PVC pipes have been laid, plus hundreds of livestock drinking troughs, standpipes for villagers and brackets for carts… +

In Senegal, wrap-up on KMS 3 package 7!

14 January 2020
The teams recently successfully completed pressure testing, after two years of hard work. In September 2013, after the Dakar region was hit by a serious water supply crisis, the Senegalese water authority launched a major programme of works to secure Dakar’s key water supply facilities. This included the KMS 3 project. Between August 2017 and December 2019, SADE Senegal built 32 of the 213 kilometres linking the new Keur Momar Sarr drinking water production plant to Dakar. Following the construction of the new water treatment plant (scheduled to be completed in a year’s time), this pipeline will supply the majority… +