Current projects

SADE on a (not so gentle) slope!

4 December 2020
The town of Beauvais is reinforcing one of its main clear wells supplying the town centre. Managed by the Beauvais Agency (Arras Regional Division) in collaboration with Veolia, this worksite involves the reinforcement of the connection of a well, located at the top of a slope, to the catchment wells and distribution system set up downhill. Technically speaking, it consists of the construction on the side of a slope on 30°-gradient (i.e. 60%) terrain over a 30m stretch, of two parallel underground cast-iron ø400 pipes, the first to supply and the second to distribute. A complex worksite The worksite was… +

SADE in the mountains…

27 November 2020
Though ski resorts might not be opening back up right away, some will be ready and raring to go for the season because our Regional Divisions are hard at work! Thanks to fast work by our Metz and Lyon Regional Divisions, two resorts’ water systems are being given a major makeover. Water for snow-making machines: no SADE, no snowflakes! In Haut-Rhin, SMMGM (i.e. Markstein Grand-Ballon massif joint development agency) wanted to extend the Markstein ski resort’s snow-making system. To meet this demand and supply 9 new snow-making machines, the Metz Regional Division (Alsace Agency) set up:… +

Three more years with RTE…

25 November 2020
…with SADERTELEC, which renewed its framework agreement with the electricity transmission company. Do we still need to introduce SADERTELEC, our subsidiary that works exclusively for RTE, and whose headquarters are based in Marseille? A little history, all the same… It was back in 2009 that the Marseille Regional Division got in touch with the electricity transmission company, realising that burying very high voltage lines (63 to 400KV) was a fast-growing business. Our initial aim was to offer specific structural services, particularly microtunneling with STS. In 2013, a new entity was created to specifically focus on this business line: SADERTELEC. This… +

News from our girls and boys in Bouaké!

10 November 2020
SADE Group is bolstering Bouaké’s drinking water supply for PFO Africa, head of the consortium awarded the overall contract by the Ivory Coast Hydraulics Ministry. After work began on the site at the end of March 2020, COVID-19 put a real spanner in the works: repatriation, temporary site shutdown, plus new health & safety rules. The project practically ground to a halt for several months, leading to comprehensive reorganisation last July.  Since then, 3 teams armed with an impressive selection of excavation equipment have been working 6 days a week to meet the deadline: two Ø 1,200 teams and one… +

Friedland shaft in Paris (Eole project)…

9 November 2020
A flagship worksite featuring an original technique developed by the experts of SADE Special Works. Currently, SADE Special Works is handling the earthworks for this 24.25m x 7.45m, 43m-deep rectangular shaft. Context Positioned in Paris on Avenue Friedland, which stretches from Boulevard Haussmann all the way to the Arc de Triomphe, the “Friedland shaft” will provide ventilation and emergency access for the future RER E regional express train station by 2022. It is nestled in a dense urban environment, surrounded by sensitive sites: RER Line A, which runs 4.85m from its walls and the many Haussmannian buildings lining the avenue.… +

SADE sees double

6 November 2020
Down near Dax, the small town of Castets plans to position itself as the new surfing El Dorado by playing host to a tourist complex, complete with a giant wave pool. This project and the population growth it will entail mean the town’s WWTP’s capacity needs to be doubled in advance. The Les Landes SYDEC (Departmental Municipal Equipment Authority) has selected SADE (head of consortium) and its partner Gallego for this mission. The challenge The goal, is to design and build the new infrastructure and partially modify the existing systems to boost treatment capacity from 2,750 PE to 5,500 PE,… +

SADE group is back in the Paris region’s drinking water plants

2 November 2020
With the award of the contract to renovate the Méry-sur-Oise drinking water production plant decanting unit for SEDIF as part of a consortium alongside SETHA. Since the changes made to the terms of SEDIF’s service delegation contracts, drinking water plant contracts had become few and far between for the Greater Paris Regional Division. But that doesn’t mean it’s lost its touch, and it’s now back with a bang with this valuable contract won by the Argenteuil Agency. The contract in brief As head of the consortium, SADE won Package 2, along with its partners SETHA and INEO (ENGIE’s electrical engineering… +

Down at the Blainville-sur-Orne port complex…

27 October 2020
SADE is building 2 twin XXL lifting stations for the rainwater collection, treatment and discharge project launched by Caen Normandie CCI. Identical and 50/50 These 2 underground concrete structures, located at either end of the platform, are absolutely identical. They are 7.50m high, 6m long and 3.60m wide, and house four 1,600m3/h pumps operated on a 3+1 basis. Each station is sized to lift half the volumes collected on the site up to a nearby retention and containment basin, meaning the 2 stations treat 100% of the rainwater. A tried and tested methodology The… +

SADE at the heart of the Senegalese drinking water supply system

19 October 2020
The “point B” plant and tanks, located in the heart of Dakar, form the input point of Dakar’s main water supply pipeline: ALG 1. After observing the existence of malfunctions and leaks, the operator, SEN’EAU, selected SADE to renovate two key components of the system, which involved totally shutting off the capital’s water supply. The works Replacement of a leaky valve (ø1,000mm) on the ALG1 pipeline Repair of a leaky pipe (ø600mm) at the start of the distribution network by fully replacing the valves and fittings in the output manhole. To replace the faulty parts within the deadlines, teams from… +

A new contract for two top projects in Costa Rica

13 October 2020
Signed on October 6, 2020: a fine victory for SADE Costa Rica, assisted by the Group’s Head Office IT Department Support Division. Aya, which is SADE Costa Rica’s main client, is the state-owned company that manages drinking water and wastewater treatment service for 80% of the country’s population. It recently selected SADE for the biggest network extension project is has ever launched: a gigantic wastewater collection and treatment project for more than a million users in the country’s capital, San José, protecting rivers from WW discharged into the natural environment… +