Current projects

The town of Ault is adapting its seafront…

8 June 2021
including redeployment of its wastewater systems from now to 2050. The cliffs in Ault are regularly retreating, under repeated attack from the sea wearing them away from the bottom, and rainwater infiltration eating away at them from the top, plus the combined effects of freezing and thawing. According to estimates, in some places, they are losing 30 to 50m every 100 years. Faced with this danger, the town was added to the Picardy cliffs risk prevention plan (prefectural order of 6 June 2013), which addresses the risk of coastal erosion and predicts changes to the coastline, as well as making… +

Design & construction of an effluent treatment plant in Romania…

4 June 2021
for the country’s leading ice-cream maker, Betty Ice. Betty Ice was founded in 1994 by the Romanian Vasile ARMENEAN and is Romania’s number one frozen dessert maker, employing 760 staff. In 2020, the business joined Unilever group, the Anglo-Dutch multinational consumer goods company, with the aim of increasing its production. SIng Romania (SADE Ingénierie SRL) recently won the turnkey contract to design and build an effluent treatment plant at its production plant, located in Suceava, in north-eastern Romania. The Suceava site discharges both industrial and domestic effluent, which must meet the Romanian NTP001 standard for discharge into the natural environment.… +

A partnership between SIng and VWT Poland in Romania…

30 April 2021
on a technological project to build a biogas-producing WWTP for an industrial client. In May 2020, SADE Ingénierie, as part of a consortium with VWT Poland, won an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, & Construction) contract with MASPEX GROUP to build a biogas-producing wastewater treatment plant. The production site is located in Valenii de Munte, 110km north of Bucharest, in Romania. The building permit was issued in June 2020 and today the team is on the verge of completing the challenge of finishing the project within the agreed 12-month deadline. MASPEX is one of Central and Eastern Europe’s biggest food producers, and… +

How about brewing in Romania with SIng…?

29 March 2021
And specifically in Targu Mures where Heineken operates a multi-brand beer production site with a capacity of 1.25Mhl/year. In 2018, Heineken launched a plan to modernise its production facility, reduce its specific water consumption per hl of beer produced, and improve the performance of its existing wastewater treatment plant, built back in 2000. After an international call for tenders, SADE INGENIERIE SRL was selected ahead of 4 other competitors from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands as the successful bidder for the deal to renovate the existing wastewater treatment plant and increase its treatment capacity. 3 points of SADE INGENIERIE SRL’s… +

CTHM reduces its environmental impact

17 March 2021
CTHM is now lighting its main site using 20 LED projectors powered by a photovoltaic system. In our first episode, both the preparatory work and the routing of the liners were ongoing. The advantages a saving of 32KWH/day, i.e. 972KWH/M of electrical consumption (8 hours of lighting) a reduction of 97.2kg/M in CO2 emissions a significant monthly financial saving no specific connection 8-year projector service life a 1-year economic amortization period +

Codename: Neptuno!

16 March 2021
Mission: guaranteeing a continuous water supply for the inhabitants of Guayaquil, Ecuador. More than 3 million inhabitants of the city of Guayaquil, i.e. approx. 28% of the national population, get their drinking water in 28 municipalities from the Daule River, via the La Toma treatment plant. The La Toma operating system is based on 3 treatment plants (Planta Nueva, Planta Lurgi and Planta Convencional) which treat water pumped from the river. The Neptuno project Currently two Ø1,800 pumping lines serve the Planta Nueva, which can handle a flow rate of up to 10m3/s. Above this rate, the pumps stop. This… +

Prevention against coastal flooding…

23 February 2021
An environmentally-responsible project for the Dunkirk Urban Authority. In recent years, since the enactment of the GEMAPI law (for the management of marine areas and flood prevention), the Dunkirk Urban Authority (CUD) has given priority to a global survey of its facilities located alongside coastlines and aquatic environments. It has established a long-term action plan for all the necessary upgrading and modernisation works to these facilities. In the municipalities of Grand-Fort-Philippe and Gravelines, the rip-raps and embankments of the Aa channel form part of this maintenance and renovation plan due to their advanced state of deterioration. The most frequently observed… +

2.6km underground for wastewater…

19 February 2021
on a big project for Bordeaux Métropole with the SADE Special Works teams. Two project aims Increase the treatment capacity of the Cantinolle and Lille wastewater treatment plants, located in Eysines and Blanquefort respectively, in response to the growing population of these two municipalities; Preserve the sensitive natural environment of the River Jalle by discharging treated water into the River Garonne, which has a higher flow rate. The works Since August 2020, 18km of additional networks have been built to link these two wastewater treatment plants located in the Bordeaux metropolitan area and enable the transfer of wastewater from Cantinolle… +

Trappes: completion of works and networks roll-out

10 February 2021
Congratulated by CASQY, one of the project managers. In the vicinity of Trappes, the RD10 departmental road, also known as the ‘Nationale 10’, is soon to ‘vanish’. It will be placed underground, a task involving considerable preparatory works, including the rerouting of water supply and wastewater networks, entrusted to the Normandy Regional Division by their respective project owners, SMG SEVESC and the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Local Authority (CASQY). An impressive task…but not for SADE! Water supply network Rerouting the water supply networks required the laying of 725m of 150mm-diameter cast-iron tubes using conventional techniques and 1,500m of 600mm-diameter using trenchless works to… +

Alternative energies at the forefront…

4 February 2021
…At a test site in Limonest, a municipality in the Métropole de Lyon. Early this year, the Centre-East RD, in partnership with its customer Eau du Grand Lyon [Lyon water authority], led a test worksite in preparation for the future of our activities. A growing alternative technical offer and a demanding customer The range of green equipment for public works has reached a level of maturity which enables us to seriously consider new leads for our activities. The determination of Métropole du Grand Lyon to move towards energy transition, in line with the regulation for Low Emission Zones, and the… +