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When the West rides to Belgium’s rescue…

6 July 2020
When the West rides to Belgium’s rescue… Further proof that “united we stand, divided we fall”, and that SADE Group synergies are more than mere words! In spring 2019, Bruno KEMPT, then working in Brussels, was looking for a team to manage a wastewater treatment worksite in the very heart of Brussels. Five staff from the Nantes Agency signed up for 3 months to assist our Belgian allies. In mid-May 2020, this first technical worksite led to a second: the same team hit the road again to work on a second project involving the same issues: major depth, large diameter,...

SADE is designing and building a dewatering system for Eiffage Immobilier

22 June 2020
SADE is designing and building a dewatering system for Eiffage Immobilier The aim of this dewatering system is to transport water from the water table lowering system set up on a gigantic urban redevelopment site in Asnières-sur-Seine, not far from the River Seine (of course), a further 390m to join a wastewater system operated by SEVESC. An overhead system This gravity system features 12m steel tubes (Ø 300 and 400) installed at an average height of 4.5m on hangers designed by SADE Ingénierie. The facility’s 37 hangers, each weighing around 10t, were built on public roads, mainly along Rue Henri...

SADE Ecuador encourages recycling

16 April 2020
SADE Ecuador encourages recycling Aim: making teams aware of the environment. Action: recycling competition. Result: 526kg of plastic collected by 142 staff. For 3 months, 12 teams set to work, under the orders of Sade Ecuador’s HR Unit, collecting plastic bottles on the streets of Guayaquil. These were then weighed and sorted, before being sold to a recycling firm. For this campaign, each team chose a name to go with this good cause. Our top 3 environmental defenders were: Well done to all the participants and congratulations to the Ecuadorean HR Unit on this fine scheme!