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Without trenches or manhole shafts

26 January 2023
CTHM pursues the development of its trenchless techniques.  The Régie Autonome de Kénitra (RAK) [Kenitra independent authority] is launching rehabilitation works on collector D, T230, located under the busy Mohamed Diouri Avenue, which links Place de la Gare to Oued Sebou, (1.5km). Project The teams will rehabilitate this straight-lined combined sewerage system, gaining access via existing manholes: On-site polymeric UV close-fit lining along a 224m-section in 500mm-diameter concrete Concrete spraying along 1.2km of T230 ovoid sewers with rubble stone (a more suitable technique than the laying of liners for equivalent hydraulic capacity) Pitting and levelling with mortar of 29 manholes… +

Tangier and Marrakesh adopt close-fit lining

14 December 2022
For the rehabilitation of wastewater networks in tourist areas. Radeema and Amendis, experts in water cycle and Moroccan subsidiaries of the Veolia Group, are leading a multiannual works programme to ensure high-performance public service, save water resources and protect natural areas. On behalf of Radeema, works in Marrakech will consist in the rehabilitation by UV close-fit lining of 200m of wastewater pipelines (400mm to 600mm-diameter). The specificity of these pipelines is their location in two very busy tourist areas of the medina: one section in front of the Dar El Bacha monument, former palace of the Pacha of Marrakesh, and… +

After Tangier and Rabat, close-fit lining continues its path through the medinas…

20 October 2022
…and is currently under way in Rabat! At the initiative of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Moroccan Government launched a rehabilitation programme in Morocco’s 32 medinas to renew these living and business districts which are home to 750,000 people, i.e., 3.6% of the country’s urban population. At present, 14 of these districts are undergoing active rehabilitation. This programme also enables CTHM, our Moroccan subsidiary, to stand out from the competition with the implementation of trenchless techniques which are particularly suited to these dense urban environments, made up of narrow lanes that are home to intense business and retail activity.… +

CTHM reduces its environmental impact

17 March 2021
CTHM is now lighting its main site using 20 LED projectors powered by a photovoltaic system. In our first episode, both the preparatory work and the routing of the liners were ongoing. The advantages a saving of 32KWH/day, i.e. 972KWH/M of electrical consumption (8 hours of lighting) a reduction of 97.2kg/M in CO2 emissions a significant monthly financial saving no specific connection 8-year projector service life a 1-year economic amortization period +

Morocco: record lead times on the Targuist and Kharroub worksites

20 January 2021
50km laid in 6 months and 7km in 3 months at the peak of the COVID crisis! And one… SADE Morocco reinforced 50km of ⌀ 300 to 400 PVC drinking water pipes in just 6 months for APDN (Agence pour la Promotion et le Développement du Nord, i.e. agency for the promotion and development of Northern Morocco). The project was costed and won during lockdown despite limited consultation. The aim of this project is to secure the drinking water supply of the town of Targuist from the new desalination plant in the town of Al Hoceima. Located at the heart… +

Close-fit lining work in the Rabat Medina: season 2

14 January 2021
Rue 38 got all dressed up to the 9’s with the setup of the first liners. In our first episode, both the preparatory work and the routing of the liners were ongoing. In-field training, still provided by Cyrille MAUFAY, continued in December with the laying of the first stretches of close-fit lining. Rue 38 (a top priority in the programme prepared by Redal) was therefore transformed for a few days into a trenchless works demonstration area. The aim of the first drive was to rehabilitate a 30m, 300-diameter stretch between too shallow manholes. Every stage of the protocol was followed:… +