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When the West rides to Belgium’s rescue…

6 July 2020
Further proof that “united we stand, divided we fall”, and that SADE Group synergies are more than mere words! In spring 2019, Bruno KEMPT, then working in Brussels, was looking for a team to manage a wastewater treatment worksite in the very heart of Brussels. Five staff from the Nantes Agency signed up for 3 months to assist our Belgian allies. In mid-May 2020, this first technical worksite led to a second: the same team hit the road again to work on a second project involving the same issues: major depth, large diameter,… +

Continuing and getting back to business in Belgium

14 May 2020
In Belgium, just as in France, multiple measures were put in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s take a tour of the SADE Group’s sites across the country during this complicated period. ARGEA Government measures forced ARGEA to shut down its worksites, except for a few urgent works deals in public service sectors. A look back at the last few weeks. Mid-March – mid-April During the first 4 weeks of strict lockdown, ARGEA worked on adapting its working procedures and purchasing new PPE to comply with sanitary measures and optimise its preparations to get back to business. 15 April:… +

Direction: Belgium

18 March 2020
ARGEA confirms its position at VIVAQUA. Vivaqua (previously Compagnie Intercommunale Bruxelloise des Eaux, i.e. the Brussels intermunicipal water authority) is one of Belgium’s biggest intermunicipal drinking water producers and distributors. ARGEA, our Belgian subsidiary, is a historical partner of VIVAQUA. Over the last few weeks, it has confirmed its position as a go-to partner for this essential client by renewing all its framework agreements (called marchés stocks or stock agreements in Belgium) to carry out works to renovate, lay or connect sewers in the Brussels-Capital Region for up to 5 years: Connection package: it is ranked 2nd out of 3… +